Reference projects

On the following pages, we present the completed projects from the years 2015 and 2016.

All three locations represent our strategy – the development of projects for owner occupants like Tresckowstraße in Hamburg Eimbüttel as well as investors like Lothringer Straße in Barmbek or Lokstedter Weg/Wendloher Weg in Hamburg-Eppendorf.

All three projects focus on the long run usability. Key is the location. Many investors that have invested in the projects linked below have made real measurable profit.

Tax benefits of the government and the rental income from the tenant make the monthly capital investment of a potential investor manageable.

For owner occupants, we follow the same idea. The location of the property and the layout need to be contemporary and functional. People shall want to be living here. In Hamburg household sizes are decreasing, leading to a higher demand for smaller properties for own use.

When we initiate projects outside the city of Hamburg we look at the demographic indicators. For the long run development of the investment to be a success these indicators need to be positive. The past has proven us right since we know of many successful resales.

During project planning we assume that we ourselves invest in the locations and properties. Only if we would invest ourselves we buy the properties and start developing them.

As a rule, we prefer projects one could call the “Golf category”. By this we mean flats that will always have a certain demand as people always need housing and want to feel at home.