We are precise and distinct.

We focus on our clients’ interests and perspectives always – we create investments with growth potential and a certain rate of return.

We offer economic security by providing sound property investments. Our experience shows: the asset value of people investing in real estate grows continuously. They elude the fluctuations of the capital markets and therefore reach consistent growth.

Our main target groups are owner-occupants and private investors. Although recently our projects have become increasingly interesting for global investors due to the current economic situation in the capital markets.

For owner-occupants we develop properties in sought after parts of Hamburg. We focus on multi-storey dwellings mainly used for residential purposes. Here we either build new properties or thoroughly redevelop existing properties. Our main question regarding every project is: “Can I see myself living here?”

For private investors, we offer properties with appreciation potential in rent and value. We think of property investments as a saving opportunity for anybody. Opposing general perception, we believe property investments are not just suited for the upper class.

With the experience of over 1.200 sold flats we know every facet of buying, building or redeveloping residential properties. This ensures that our clients receive transparent consultancy and acquire a lasting investment to secure their future.

To global investors we offer more than just multi-storey dwellings. Clients with experience in the capital markets and investing at such a scale wish for thorough support throughout the buying process.

We know of your responsibility as an owner and offer the necessary security for your decision in collaboration with our network of competent partners.


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