We create homes – not just flats.

Conversio and its partner network aim for maximum independence of market tendencies. When choosing our projects, we focus on two key areas – property as capital investment and the development of residential properties for owner-occupants within the city of Hamburg.

Due to an increase in property prices we started focusing more on building new multi-storey projects. We choose areas with sustainable demand while forecasting long-term trends and tendencies.

No matter if structural restoration, modernisation or new developed buildings – with our long-term partners in architectures and craft we don’t just plan for today but to maximise the value for future generations and secondary buyers.

“Can I imagine living here?”, is one of the most important question at the beginning of any of our projects. Location, transport connection and the surroundings must offer appropriate living conditions for singles, families and older generations. By building multi-storey dwellings with different flat sizes we try to create an environment for clients across generations. Due to the population development in Germany and the aging society it is key to offer solutions in accessibility, social surroundings and supply facilities. This is characteristic for our projects.

We also give our clients the opportunity to individually design their new throughout the building process. And to make sure our clients become an all-around satisfied home owner, we offer support when it comes to financing as well.


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