Global investors

In the past, we have mainly focused on single investors and owner-occupants.

The current market dynamics, however, show that our investment concepts also appeal to global investors.
Very low interest rates with deflationary tendencies, finance and banking crises, instability of the EU and Eurozone, volatile share markets as well as issues with the pension schemes make it more and more difficult to invest in traditional investment products in a secure and profitable way.

Investing in properties as a tangible asset has the main advantage that it is not subject to the risks of classical investment products. This is the reason we sold entire projects to one private investor that were originally meant to be divided up and sold as single units.

Careful planning and a defensive approach regarding future rent developments are the way to find a realistic selling price. We always keep the existing tenant structure and make sure that a healthy rate of return on the one side still includes moderate rental payments on the other side.

Our projects pass the examination of thorough due diligence processes and are listed with internal asset managers of banks as well as big players of the property asset sector. We focus on multi-storey dwellings with residential use in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. Commercial use does not exceed 20 percent.

We offer properties with a long run appreciation potential and pay careful attention to the current and future demography. We believe economic security is most important when buying a property.

We are also happy to provide solutions for the development of the project’s future potential like densification opportunities, roof expansions, addition of another storey or the expansion of the current building area. The goal is to increase the rate of return in the long run.

For the professional asset market participant, our projects offer short-run return opportunities. Our preparation includes thorough examination of the building structure as well as the preparation of all necessary construction, legal and official documents.

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